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Meet Lucy


I’m a total creative type!

Lucy Johnson is Debb’s very special sister and everyone who meets Lucy instantly knows what a truly amazing person and visual artist she is. Lucy spends her days at the Interact Center For Artists With Disabilities in Minneapolis where she graces everyone with her sparkling personality.

In her spare time, Lucy is an avid sports fan.  Lucy loves all the Minnesota sports teams, including the Minnesota Vikings, Wild, and Timberwolves, but she is especially fond of the Twins.  She even has her name on the Twin’s Wall of Fame as a lifetime Twin’s fan!  She has more sports memorabilia than anyone else in Minnesota and never fails to set up her shrine for each and every sporting event she watches.

In addition to her love of sports, Lucy enjoys meeting and spending time with animals of all sorts.  At home, Lucy has two Persian cats that she spoils with lots of love and attention. When it comes to her art, Lucy is drawn to expressing her love for animals (land and aquatic) through her painting talent. She also has an innate ability to sell her art and our seasoning blends too!

Severe osteoporosis keeps Lucy fairly low key these days, but she tries her best to stay active with riding the stationary bike daily, a 3-wheel bike seasonally, and getting crazy on four-wheelers with her sister, Carrie, and their friends on summer weekends.

And did I mention that Lucy is my seasoning muse? She was the inspiration for one of our top selling blends, Lucy’s Pub Blend. Thank you Lucy!

Check out Lucy’s mini cooking show!